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Newsmiths Seafood Trolley Washing/Cleaning Machines Distributor for the USA & Canada

Only the best fish and seafood washing machines at the best prices!

International Smoking Systems has partnered with Newsmiths of the UK. Newsmiths has been in business for almost 50 years and has sold thousands of machines (over 500 in the US alone). Newsmiths is simply the best—at great prices. And International Smoking Systems is now their USA and Canada distributor. Learn more at (978) 827-3160 or send us an email.

View and download PDF materials about Newsmith Trolley Washers here. Learn more about Newsmiths by clicking here.

Newsmith Seafood Washing Machine

"International Smoking Systems has always had the philosophy that you need to stick to the things that you do best. We can't be everything to everyone. Following this line of thinking, for the past several years, we have been on the hunt to find a company that can provide our customers with top-of-the-line seafood washing machines/cleaning machines for trolleys, trays, boxes, etc... at economical prices. We have found it with Newsmiths!"

Mark Carlisle, President

Newsmiths Experience in the Industry

Newsmith Fish Washing Machine - International Smoking Systems

They have extensive experience building ware washing machines and are the perfect fit for ISS's product line. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you have a quality company like Newsmiths that can meet your needs?

  • Basket Washers
  • Box Washers
  • Cart Washers
  • Crate Washers
  • Equipment Cleaning Machines
  • Rack Washers
  • Trolley Washers
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    First Class Technical Support & Parts/Spares

    Newsmiths Fish Washing Machine from International Smoking Systems

    International Smoking Systems is known worldwide for being the best at customer service in the industry.

    So, as with everything else we do, ISS now provides Parts, Service and Technical Support for Newsmiths products—as we do with all our products.

    Give us a call at (978) 827-3160. Let us show you how we can save you labor, water and sewerage costs while providing quick, efficient paybacks on your equipment investment.

    We did not stop searching until we found the best Seafood Washing Machine manufacturer. ISS finally discovered it in Newsmiths! Call us to learn more at (978) 827-3160.