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Newsmiths Seafood Vat, Tub & Tote Washing Machine Sales for the USA & Canada

NEW! Efficient, economical solutions for the cleaning of Vats, Tubs & Totes!

For years, cleaning vats, bins and totes has been done manually: one or several people must go outside in the elements on a loading dock or outside area with a pressure washer and clean these various vessels. This is an archaic way of accomplishing this task.

It's messy and blows fish debris everywhere, it's labor intensive, it wastes water...and most importantly, it's dangerous to employees due to high pressure water and ice buildup when done outside in the winter.

Newsmith has the new, state-of-the-art solution for cleaning tubs and vats: It's a self-contained unit that requires just one operator!

clean water droplets

ISS is always looking for the next new innovation that will have a large impact on the seafood industry. We found two!

Some Newsmith Vat, Tub & Tote Washer Benefits and Advantages:

  • Fish scales and fish debris are captured in a filter system.
  • An automatic chemical dosing keeps the detergent strength maintained at an optimal level.
  • Water is reused! There is even a fresh-heated rinse cycle that saves a significant amount in both water and labor costs. (Typical cycle times are approximately 3 minutes and use less than 3 gallons of water.) As we all know, water is the cheaper part of this process and sewage is the real cost when cleaning vessels and these costs are only going to go up. This is a sure-fire way to save!

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View and download PDF materials here about Newsmith Bin Washers and Newsmith Tote Washers.

You can learn more about Newsmiths by clicking here. You'll see why International Smoking Systems is proud to be Newsmith's USA and Canada distributor!

Newsmith Trayline from International Smoking Systems. Thorough. Efficient. Economical.

Deal with large 100# totes? Newsmith has a Trayline conveyor system where totes are placed on the conveyor on one end and come out perfectly clean on the other. This machine will do approximately 200 totes per hour and uses just 12 gallons of water per minute!

Call us at (978) 827-3160 for more information. We can help your operation become more efficient and streamlined.

Batch Washing Machine for All Types of Large Food & Waste Containers.

One-person operation. Precise washing rotation. Stainless steel throughout. Mulitple preprogrammed wash cycles. All standard!

The unit above will wash 300 totes per hour!

Call us at (978) 827-3160 for more information. We can help your operation save with new, labor and cost-saving Newsmith washer technology.

Washer has a safe, optional access ramp. Accepts All Types of Containers and Pallets!

Optional Equipment can include: Rinse Booster Tank with Pump; Pit- mounted Option; 2-door option for pass-through operation; choice of Heating - steam, gas, electric...and much more.

Ask us now at (978) 827-3160. We'll show you how you'll get a quick payback on your new equipment investment.

Newsmith Washers have doors that open beyond 90º. Easy, safe loading!

International Smoking Systems is always on the lookout for new, cost-saving technology. And Newsmith always delivers!

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Let us show you how we and Newsmith can save you on labor, water and sewerage costs.

Watch This Newsmith Cleaning Technology Video!

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