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Economical Panel Rebuilds & Data Logging System

International Smoking Systems is unrivaled when it comes to replacing and upgrading electrical panels for smoking kilns, smokehouses and defrosters. We stand alone with state-of-the-art installations. Our NoVuS range of panels utilizes some of the latest innovations in automation. NoVuS includes:

ISS also provides Data Logging Systems capable of logging information from multiple machines with our NoVuS panels. Our Data Logging Systems are also capable of recording over a dozen variables including core product temperature, humidity and energy - and play a key role in traceability.

International Smoking Systems' Data Logging System, which sits as a separate module, has a 5 Year Warranty (which is unheard of in the industry)! And it is not limited to just data logging. ISS's Data Logging System can also be used for security monitoring, tracking, etc...

100% of our Electrical Panels are fully tested before leaving the factory and come with a One Year Warranty. Please call us to discuss your Electrical and Data Logging needs now at (978) 827-3160.

International Smoking Systems is where Cutting Edge Technology, User-friendliness and Economy all work together in harmony. Let us perform your next rebuild. Get better quality and economy. Call us at (978) 827-3160.

Panel ready for upgrade

Panel Ready for Upgrade

The electrical cabinet has now been impeccably cleaned and metal work has been modified to receive the new operating system.

New panel installed

100% Ready

Fully tested crated panel at factory ready to be shipped.

Roof top after upgrade

Roof Top before Upgrade

This is what the top of the kiln with electric damper controls looked like before the upgrade.

New operations panel

Roof Top after Upgrade

This is the top of the kiln after the upgrade. Note the former actuators have now been replaced with pneumatic ones. The upgrade also includes inverter driven main fan and exhaust fan motors.

Data Logger Unit

New Operations Panel

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this operation panel! It has incredible capabilities and most importantly is user-friendly. ISS software is logical and incredibly easy to use.

Data Logger Unit

Data Logger Unit

Our data logging system monitors over 10 sensor points and has capabilities that have yet to be duplicated by any competitor.