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GEBA Soft Salmon & Fish Slicers

GEBA slicing machines are the food industry's gold standard. GEBA was the originator of the salmon slicer. International Smoking Systems offers three of the best GEBA models. These machines are carefully rebuilt and reconditioned. International Smoking Systems can also provide Parts, Spares and Service for your existing GEBA machine(s). Our GEBA Knife Head Gearbox Rebuilds are second none! Try us out and save money.

All GEBA slicing machines uses the tried and tested GEBA patented slicing technique with a focus on high quality and absolutely hygienic conditions.

High performance. International Smoking Systems' better pricing, speed & warranty make GEBA Machines and ISS Quality Knife Head Rebuilds worth asking about!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of April 2013, Marel terminated support of the GEBA WSM and GPS Series. HOWEVER, International Smoking Systems plans to continue to support these wonderful machines from GEBA. Contact us for more information.

GEBA WSM 45E Slicer Machine

GEBA WSM 45E Slicing Machine

Because of their unique design, the machines can slice a salmon and maintain the original shape without costly labor to reconstitute the fillet.  Here's Model WSM 45E.

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GEBA WSM 100D Slicing Machine

GEBA WSM 100D Slicing Machine

Designed for easy cleaning and safe operation, various GEBA models have capacities from 600 to 2,000 lbs. per 8 hour shift.  Various slicing angles are available starting from 8 degree to 38 degree angle machines. 

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Salmon on Ice

GEBA Service, Parts, Recon

International Smoking Systems has a network of partners for obtaining parts and servicing existing GEBA slicers.

NEW! We rebuild GEBA Knife Head Gearboxes for all the GEBA models!

Whether it’s for the WSM45E or the GEBA GPS 200D Compact, we rebuild them within 1 week to factory specs. Plus we offer a 6 month warranty. All at a fraction of a manufacturer rebuild! Tell us your situation. We can help...and save you $$$.

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GEBA Rebuilt Equipment

Slicer WSM 45E
Slicer WSM 75E
Slicer WSM 100D
Slicer GPS 200
For GEBA Parts & Service, please call.
REMEMBER, we now rebuild GEBA Knife Head Gearboxes within a week...for less!


Our network of worldwide food processing industry contacts frequently makes used and rebuilt equipment available to us. Here are some of the current machines available for sale. Please call us for details about these fine machines from AFOS and GEBA.

NOTE: We provide a 6-Month Warranty on all ISS-refurbished equipment, along with outstanding Technical Support and Parts Inventory.

(3) AFOS AT500 Thawing Units
(3) AFOS AT250 Thawing Units
(1) AFOS Double Maxi with Smoke Drawers—SOLD!


GEBA Soft Salmon-Fish Slicers

(1) GEBA GPS 200 Compact - SOLD!
(1) GEBA WSM 100D Stainless Steel
(1) GEBA WSM 100D Aluminum
(1) GEBA WSM 75E Aluminum
(1) GEBA WSM 45E
(1) GEBA HS240 Horizontal Slicer
(1) GEBA WSM 210D Portion Machine with packing line
(1) Branik ASA 400 Soft Salmon Slicer