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INTERNATIONAL SMOKING SYSTEMS, LTD – Smoking, Defrosting, Thawing & Slicing Equipment, Systems, AFOS Spares & Solutions...

Worldwide leader in commercial food industry Defrosting, Thawing, Smoking, Deglazing, Drying, Vacuum-packing & Slicing Equipment. Featuring Sales, Support, Parts, Spares, Service and Rebuilds!

International Smoking Systems has 3+ decades of expertise in everything from New and Preowned Sales...to Service, Repair, Reconditioning, Rebuilding, Consulting and Plant & Production Line Design. Tell us what you need and we'll provide a solution that meets your professional defrosting, thawing, smoking, salmon/fish slicing, washing or other processing needs - efficiently and economically.

ISS is first with new technology. And we're developing more every day. A new "super-freeze" Tuna unit is coming soon. So are new Torry Kilns!

🆕   NEW!!! ISS is the new Distributor for Newsmith Food Trolley, Vat, Tub & Tote Washing Machines for the USA & Canada—including Parts & Service!
🆕   Rebuilds. We have just added Carnitech, CP and Marel to our quality Knife Gearbox Rebuild List! Much less than buying new!
🆕   A new "super-freeze" Tuna unit is on the way.
🆕   Stay tuned for our new Torry Kiln announcements.
🆕   Plus more!

ISS's Defrosting Systems solutions range from small batch 50 lb Mini's to large production 30,000 lb capacity Mega-defrosting Systems. Thaw anything — all types of seafood: whole fish, filets, tuna, tuna loins, salmon, beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, fruits and more. With the latest precision microprocessor-controlled technology and ISS professional guidance, you and your customers will experience minimal texture, color or taste degradation plus maximum value.

Our Mission: To be a high quality engineering-driven company that's the best and most knowledgable resource for fish and food industry processors and dealers. Please allow us prove it.

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ISS Smoking Unit

First in Smoking & Defrosting

Defrosting & Thawing Equipment

International Smoking Systems only recommends and sells proven, tested technology. Our roster of manufacturers is growing. Plus soon, we will be releasing our own proprietary Smoking and Defrosting Kilns modeled on the Torry classic.

Choose ISS and the benefits for your company include better economy and quality, more choices of equipment, reduced processing times, improved yields, flexibility of size/operation, 250/500 kg to 13,500 kg range. Let us help you grow.

Call (978) 827-3160.

Super Frozen Tuna

Fast-frozen for superior quality

NEW! Super Frozen Tuna is coming

New technology is coming to International Smoking Systems that includes units that "flash-freeze" Tuna. What a great opportunity for Tuna Suppliers to get more value and profit from a better product. More developments, news and announcements are coming soon - or get in touch now to talk about it.

Contact us (978) 827-3160.

Sliced Salmon Filet

New! Knife Head Rebuilds FOR LESS!

We rebuild GEBA, Carnitech, CP & Marel Knife Heads FOR LESS!

GEBA was the originator of the soft salmon slicer. Their machines are used and respected throughout the smoked salmon and fish industry. GEBA built thousands of machines now in use in North America - and ISS now rebuilds GEBA Knife Head Gearboxes for all GEBA models!  Whether it's for the WSM45E or the GEBA GPS 200D Compact, we rebuild within one week to factory specs...with a 6-month warranty!

We can obtain Preowned GEBA units, as well as service, recondition and obtain replacement parts for you quickly as well.

Spend less on your GEBA, Carnitech, CP or Marel rebuild. Call us : 1 (978) 827-3160.

Torry Kiln

Modern, Cutting-edge Technology

Based on The Classic Torry Kiln

Over the centuries, food preservation has come a long way. Although many decades have passed, the original Torry Kiln design continues to be the ultimate equipment and remains unchallenged.

Today's ISS Food Dryers are based on the classic, but equipped with highly-efficient dehumidification systems combined with reversing horizontal air flow — ensuring consistency and exceptional quality.

Call: (978) 827-3160.





ISS has partnered with Newsmiths of the UK as their USA and Canada sales, parts and service distributor. Newsmiths has been in business for almost 5 decades and has sold thousands of trolley washers (over 500 in the US). They have extensive experience building ware washing machines. It's a perfect fit for ISS's great kiln, drying and slicing product line. Learn more.

Click here to learn more or call us now at (978) 827-3160.



Effective 01/01/2017, ISS has officially expanded our line of rebuilding knife gearboxes to include: CP (Silkcuts), Carnitech and Marel. Of course we still rebuild GEBA knife gearboxes as well. Learn more here or give us a call now.

Click here to learn more or call us now at (978) 827-3160.


PANEL REBUILDS are here. Meet NoVus!

Make your kilns' electrical panels essentially new again. Announcing our NoVuS range of panels. They utilize some of the latest innovations in automation. Energy monitoring. Wireless probes. Full Diagnostics via large touchscreens. Much more including Data Logging Systems! Exceptional warranties.

Click here to learn more or call us now at (978) 827-3160.


GEBA Knife Head Gearboxes REBUILT FOR LESS!

Up til now, there has been no option but to go to the manufacturer when it comes to rebuilding GEBA Knife Head Gearboxes. Now, that’s all history.

ISS now has the capacity to rebuild GEBA gearboxes for all the GEBA models! Whether it’s for the WSM45E or the GEBA GPS 200 Compact, we rebuild them within one week to factory specs. Plus, we offer a 6 Month Warranty at a fraction of the manufacturer! Now, there is a better choice when it comes to GEBA Gearboxes.

Call us here at International Smoking Systems to learn more at (978) 827-3160.


Now CORE HACCP-certified!

We've completed our updated training and have received our certification in the worldwide-recognized HACCP method to prevent unwanted hazards from being introduced into food manufacturing and processing operations. The course is certified by CERT-ID and further recognized and accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

View our certification here.