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AFOS Spares & Parts

Get Spare Parts for Your AFOS Machines from International Smoking Systems — FAST!

AFOS Spares & Parts from International Smoking Systems

ISS has the most complete, in-stock parts inventory for both AFOS Kilns and Defrosters!

Need a Michell WR283 or DT722 temperature and humidity control or probe? We have them available for immediate shipping, whereas other suppliers can take up to 5 weeks to ship.

Need door gasket, inverters, contactors, heating elements, Siemens PLCs or Touch Screens? We have them in stock and ready to ship! Say the word!

How about parts for the Automatic Smoke Producers? We have them too! We also stock main and exhaust fans along with bearings.

Our goal has always been to get our customers' Parts and Spares to them within 24 hours—and the only way we can do this is to either have the parts on the shelf or make sure that our suppliers do. Rest assured, to insure our fast-delivery promise to you, we already have most spares on our shelves...ready to ship!

Have you had problems with refrigeration coils leaking? Our coils are specially treated to eliminate this problem. We can also provide stainless steel trolleys and wire mesh trays. Contact us now at (978) 827-3160 or click here to send us a message.

Prompt Response

Tired of having your parts inquiries go unanswered? We answer all telephone calls and emails PROMPTLY.

This, along with our 24/7 Technical Support, makes us the unrivaled Torry Kiln manufacturer and AFOS Parts Supplier! Try us.

Contact us for all your AFOS Parts needs. Discover the ISS difference! Call (978) 827-3160 or shoot us an email.

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